Kate Van Buren for

Sacramento County Assessor

Kate and her family live, work and go to school in Sacramento.















Why Kate is Running for Sacramento County Assessor:

Kate is a fifth generation Californian with deep roots in public service.  Her great-grandfather, William Keehner, was Roseville's first Street Superintendent.  He named the city streets and created Royer Park.  Her grandparents and father owned a sheet metal fabrication company in Oakland, which supported union workers.  Kate's father, Nick Keehner, served on the board of CAL SMACNA in the 1980's.  Her mother worked full time while raising four children and still volunteers at the local library.

As a homeowner and taxpayer, Kate knows the burden of over-taxation.  She and her husband support Proposition 13 protections for residential property owners.  Property assessments must be fair, ethical, and conform to California tax law.  As Assessor, Kate will prepare assessment roles for Sacramento County.  Property assessments give the County the resources they need to pay for schools, law enforcement, parks and special districts.  

Kate is running for Assessor to bring public confidence back to this important institution.  Her experience as a real estate professional, working with appraisers, leading organizations in an executive capacity, and understanding the needs of Sacramento County make her qualified to serve.  To read the Office of Sacramento Assessor's Annual Report for 2017,  click here.


"The Assessor is a constitutionally elected official whose main duty is to set values on property. Fiduciary responsibilities encompass managing, planning, organizing and directing all phases of operations in the Assessor’s Office for producing an annual assessment roll. The Assessor has the responsibility for annually discovering and assessing all property within the county. The Assessor is both a manager of employees and an administrator responsible for carrying out the rules and regulations imposed by property tax laws." - California State Association of Counties


About Kate

  • Supports small business development.
  • Supports exemptions for disabled veterans and elderly property owners on a limited income.
  • Supports sustainable development and better public transportation.
  • Supports charities and non-profits serving those with mental health and substance abuse issues.
  • Supports financial literacy and home ownership programs to create safer neighborhoods.
  • Supports Arts and Cultural programs that educate and engage the public.
Invested in Sacramento County

Kate and her family live, work and go to school in Sacramento.  Her favorite things to do when not working are walking her Golden Retrievers around the neighborhood and her yoga practice.


Supporting the Community

Kate mentors students and young adults who are working to advance their understanding of local and national government.  She supports non-violent negotiation and diplomacy, helping each side of an issue find common ground.

Kate is prepared to collaborate with County and City leaders to address the increasing homeless population, while preventing more families from becoming homeless in the first place.  








Kate will work with ethics experts to address workplace harassment issues and put in place whistle blower protections.  Having a safe, supportive, and healthy office environment is what every employee deserves.   


Committee Name: Van Buren for Sacramento County Assessor 2018
FPPC ID#1403778
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